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Secure Storage


JCQ regulations (Instructions for conducting examinations, section 3) state: "Question papers and pre-release materials issued by the awarding bodies must always be stored at the centre’s registered address in a secure room with a secure storage facility, e.g. safe, security cabinet. The secure room must only be used for the purpose of administering secure examination materials, with access restricted to two to six key holders only.... This is commonly referred to as ‘a box within a box’... 


The secure room (the ‘box’) must contain one of the following (‘the box within the box’).. Strong non-portable safe or; Non-portable security cabinet with multi-point locking system or; Metal cabinet with full-length external locking bar. The metal cabinet must be bolted to the wall or floor...". 


The JCQ Centre Inspection Service visits centres throughout the year to check on compliance with the regulations