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Digital Exam Clock


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  • Designed and built in England
  • Automatic summer/winter time correction
  • Precision HH:MM 12 or 24 hour format
  • Waterproof IP65 all round, glanded cable entries
  • 3 year warranty
  • Supplied with either 3m or 5m UK wired plug
  • 23m Viewing Distance: 291mm wide x 155mm high x 75mm
  • 50m Viewing Distance: 453mm wide x 196mm high x 75mm
  • 85m Viewing Distance: 580mm wide x 246mm high x 75mm

Which exam clock should I buy?

The Exams Office recommends clocks with HH:MM:SS for accuracy in the exam room. However, clocks that display HH:MM can also be used in the exam room. The viewing range will depend on your exam room. A 25m range will suffice for classrooms. But a 50m range will be required for sports hall to ensure that you comply with JCQ regulations which state that: “A reliable clock (analogue or digital) must be visible to each candidate in the examination room. The clock must be big enough for all candidates to read clearly”.

Do you have smaller/larger clocks?

As well as our exam clocks, we also offer a range of clocks which can be used across your school/college for other academic and general purposes with viewing distances from 20m up to 500m, internal and outdoor use.

Do you offer battery powered clocks?

We do not currently offer battery powered clocks. The exam range of LEL clocks is provided with an optional 3m or 5m mains power cable with UK plug. We can offer as an alternative PoE (Power over Ethernet) clocks which can be powered and synchronised via a single network cable when connected to a suitable PoE network switch and link to school breaks and start and end of days with sounder modules.

Do I need to set up my digital clock? 

Our clocks are pre-configured with factory defaults that should suffice your needs. The high quality quartz oscillator keeps the clock to an accuracy of +/- 1 second per month across a -25 degrees C to 55 degrees C temperature range and an internal battery inside the clock keeps time running when the unit is not connected to mains power.

Will I have to set up the clock every time I need it?

All settings applied to the clock remain during periods of disconnection, so there’s no need to set up the clock every time it is needed, unless you want to use a different countdown clock configuration each time. Our clocks arrive with DST (Daylight savings time enabled) so automatically correct for winter and summer time. 

How do I set up my digital clock?

Every clock comes with an instruction manual which will allow you to set up all aspects of your clock, however they arrive ready to be installed using supplied bracketry and plugged direct to power. 

How long does the battery last?

Our clocks are designed for constant operation. The internal battery will keep time for up to 3 years if disconnected from power supply. After that, it can be easily replaced with a standard CR2032 3V battery.

How do I mount the clock?

There are two brackets attached to the side of the clock which pair to the wall brackets provided with the unit.Fix the wall brackets to the surface and hang the clock as per your requirement, we have wall or suspension options. The brackets allow to position the clock flat to the wall or at 3° or 6° angle.

Can I get extra wall mounting brackets to reposition the clock?

Extra brackets are available. Please contact us to place your order.

What else can I do with the clock?

Connect it to an NTP server, PA system or GPS receiver via the pin connector located at the back of the clock for real time synchronisation. Connect it to a temperature sensor to display alternate time and temperature. Use as a time elapsed counter, either counting up or down, with any of the multiple configurations available.Brand the display with your school logo or motif (POA).

Are the clocks suitable for playgrounds and outdoors installation?

Just add the ‘DLV’ to the part number for outdoor viewing versions. 

Are they impact protected? Can I install the clock in a sports hall?

Although durable we recommend a cage fitting for the clocks, please ask for pricing information. 

What Warranty do you carry? 

Three years as standard, manufacturer warranty with optional two years by completing a simple form at the time of purchase. 

Where are the displays manufactured? 

In Bedfordshire, England. Pease see a link to the website here: www.london-electronics.com

Can I customise the displays with other information like moving message displays?

Yes. We have a standard range of electronics that can be configured into a standard extruded case to meet your requirements, please see here for examples: https://www.london-electronics.com/large-digit-clocks.php and here: https://www.london-electronics.com/factory-display-range.php. Let us know your requirements and a solution will be designed for you.